My Flower Beds in Early Spring

I love Spring!!! I shout that to the world! It is the season when the world looks green and colorful. Speaking of colors, I got them in my flower beds! Yellow, orange, pink, purple/lavender, you name it… Although right now my plants aren’t tall and not that many as you can see in the last photo below yet they are already giving me gorgeous blooms.

First photo below is the first tulip that gave me a bloom just a few days before Spring became official. Second and third photos are the current blooms  too. There are other new flowering plants I planted a week ago and also blooming but I did not take photos of them for they are still small.

It is beautiful in my flower beds in the front, so colorful that if you take a glance at them from the street, you would be tempted to get closer to the flowers to make sure they are real and alive.

 photo tulips_zps478db0f2.jpg

 photo tulips007_zps487661f0.jpg

 photo tulips009_zps05d41429.jpg

 photo tulips006_zps555a8677.jpg

White Bloom in Spring

Spring is when you see new plant growth and flower blooms. Spring has sprung in our place indeed. I took this beautiful photo in my firstborn’s school yesterday. They are so beautiful that it’s hard not to notice those trees full of white blooming flowers. I am glad I get to see this everyday when I pick up and drop her off to school.

Thankful to God for creating these beautiful view and for making me see it everyday, it sure does make me feel alive and thankful more than ever to Him.

Next, I will be uploading blooms of my tulips as they are starting to peek out now. Gladly enough, my digital camera is finally here at long last after two months of waiting in Best Buy. We sent it for repair but then they lost our lens, they had to order it for us that took so long! My camera is ready whenever the flowers and plants are ready!

 photo bloom_zps3d952424.jpg

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Excited to Start Gardening

I love how nice our temperatures these days. I can feel the Spring temps are here already. I cannot ask for a better place to be but in Texas around this time because of the weather. I have already weeded my front flower beds and I am seeing some new tulip growths peeking out. My roses are already growing some new leaves as well. Soon enough the rest of the perennials will be budding and growing too which make me excited.

Pretty excited here as you can tell for I can’t stop talking about the new season, seeing those beautiful colors in my garden. I plan of buying new ones which aren’t in my garden yet hopefully tomorrow or before the weekend is over. Now is the perfect time get moving and start planting flowers. I also want our garden to be set up soon, this time in the backyard for a more accessible garden during watering and harvesting. I told my husband if we can possibly have a bigger garden this year for I got plenty of seeds need to be planted. It will be awesome eating fresh veggies from our garden and not to mention, eating the fruit of our labor.

How about you guys? What are you most excited about Spring? Do you garden? What sort of vegetables are you planning of growing?

He Must Miss His Band

One of my brothers used to be a member of the band in high school and college. This morning, I saw his old photos with other friends being reshared on his wall, he probably missed his life blowing the trumpet and getting out there marching with the band. If he wasn’t a headache of my mother, I could probably buy him a new trumpet for I know he loves it a lot. I am looking at trumpets at guitar center right now and I see the cheapest and simplest trumpet in the list is $170. It’s fair enough if only he was a good son to my mother.

Drastic Change in Weather Starting Sunday

Two days we have been having this Spring-like temperature in the high 80′s and we couldn’t be happier. Today, Fort Worth reached 84 degrees high. It is so good on the skin, enhances the mood of everybody and most of all, it allowed me and the girls to go out for a walk. But, that’s not gonna stay that way for long because…. tomorrow will be insanely cold. A drastic change in weather starting tomorrow, Sunday. Watch the graphic below to see how it plummets.

Yes, sunburn and frostbite in the same week, only in Texas. You gotta live here long enough to experience that insane weather. I cannot complain though, I am in a much better place now than where I spent my life from age 0 to 21. Have a nice weekend everyone and be careful you all in North Texas!

below temperature graphic  is of writing this entry, 72 degrees…

 photo c77a7aed-94a6-4138-a778-7469d45d6ca9_zpse0294546.png

… and then as hours move, tomorrow at 6 in the morning will be in the 40′s… crazy you think? I believe so!
 photo cbffa07f-7cf5-4a27-b381-8d8d1255c8d2_zps49448a4c.png

Marching Snare

If there is an instrument that I am so familiar about how it sounds, it will be the marching snare. In my high school days, these marching snares I am looking at online right now were so popular. My classmates and other kids in our school used to play them a lot whether there’s a band competition or just in everyday practice. In fact, I got to the point of getting tired hearing of its sounds but now I missed it. No more high school life and yes, I missed the kids also.

I’m So Ready for Spring

Last Saturday, I had the chance to weed a little bit in my front flower beds. I saw some of the tulips bulbs I planted last Fall are already growing. All the roses and other perennial plants that I prune are already showing some new leaves buds too. That only send a sign that Spring is just around the corner. I think my flower beds are so ready except that they need some weeding some more, not a problem though for that is just so easy to do and won’t take long hours to do it.

I am anxious for the new season to come. I love the idea that I can plant new species into my garden and see the old ones of different kinds and colors grow. My husband and I have talked to have a bigger garden this year just like the first time . We got plenty of barrel containers to grow veggies in them, potting soil and others. Hurry up Spring so I get busy again. I am also excited to see the green and colorful surroundings that Spring brings!

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Beautiful Frosty Snowflakes

Look at this beautiful frosty snowflakes on my car’s windshield. This is what greeted us today and that alone I should be thankful because I was able to see and feel that I am alive, lol. The temperature was only 20 degrees but I made sure I was properly clothed and so did my girls for us to be at least a little comfy walking towards my firstborn’s school entrance.

People in the Philippines complain about how cold it is there while the fact is, there is nothing really changed of the temperature and humidity. If only I can do wonders so that I could bring them in a minute over here and let them feel what truly cold is.

 photo 1781578_10152580007584517_1615270508_n_zpsb51677dc.jpg