Pink, Red/Orange and Blue Autumn Lipstick Sage in Fall

It’s the time of the year again when my flower gardens look beautiful and attractive. Thanks to my blooming pink, red/orange Autumn lipstick and blue sage for they give my garden some colorful life. Although there’s my yellow gold lantana and roses but they are not having as many flowers like the former flowers.

Truly it gives me joy seeing colors in my front yard, not to mention these flowers are looking healthy and could continue to bloom maybe until the first frost. I could also see some bulbs are growing, I thought it was weird, they were planted and meant to grow in Spring but there they are now, sprouting.

So what do you think of my flowers? Aren’t they pretty? Not forgetting, they are perennials, meaning they come back year after year and give me that joy and happiness every time they are these big and colorful!

 photo sage_zpsd0dcf410.jpg

Order Your Guitar Now

Whenever we see a commercial or show that has people playing a guitar or any musical instrument in it, my girls especially my first born would tell me to buy her this and that so she can also play it. But the problem is, she doesn’t know how to play anything yet. I think buying her a guitar will come after she knows the basics of playing guitar. Hopefully, next year I can have someone to teach her how and find that someone who can help me pick the right guitar suitable for her age.

As for now, I am browsing through this popular music online store and looking at the beautiful stuff they have available for sale. Are you planning or looking for a guitar to buy? You can visit this website and order now for that very guitar you have been wanting to get.

Saving Seeds for Planting Next Year

These are the seeds I have been saving for next year’s gardening. I got quite a lot of vegetables seeds namely; Asian spinach, okra, squash, long yard beans as well as flower seeds. It pains me to throw them away so might as well save them and send them out to a few friends who wish to have a vegetable garden too.

I may not be able to send them what I have but at least they will have some seeds to start. Nothing is more exciting and rewarding having your own food in your backyard, I tell you. That way, we can feed our children fresh homegrown organic veggies.

I would like to do the same to my friends, seeing them growing their own food and enjoying their plants as much as I do. That will be awesome to see them posting of their harvest too mid next year. I shall see who among them can follow what I do out here.

 photo seeds_zps4d358e8e.jpg

Playing Guitar at a Function/Event

Someone I know whose source of income is to play a guitar with his band in different functions or events such as weddings, birthdays, baptism or any kind of events. I heard that he stopped doing that for a while for he had his guitar amplifier stolen. Poor man! I opened up to him about this certain website that is selling amplifiers guitar and let him browse the entire site. He was thankful and amazed of the products they have online. He wished that he can buy one of those amplifiers that are on sale but he lives on the other side of the world. The cost of shipping will be double than the price of the item itself.

Last Harvest of My Squash

Look at these gigantic babies below. I am proud to say, they are harvested fresh from my garden yesterday. This time, they are matured and have reached their age for harvest. I can tell by the yellowish color of their skin and the flesh inside is dark yellow. Unlike the first 2 squashes in the past, they were harvest a little early.

When you look at them in actual, you won’t believe that I raised such sizes of squashes in a small garden like ours. There are 4 of them but the other one not pictured for it was loaded in my husband’s car to give out to his friend at work. Not only they are big but also very heavy. One of them weighs 20 pounds or more.

I have already made a dish out of it and my husband loved it. In fact, he requested to make more of the soups same as last night. I just cooked it with fried pork meat, garlic and onion sauteed in coconut oil. Then after its natural juice came out, I pour some freshly grated coconut milk in it and simmer some more until squash is tender.

The dish is delicious and so easy to cook.

 photo kalbasa_zpsd2411007.jpg
 photo kalbasa2_zps42572c45.jpg

For All Your Bridal Garters Needs

I know someone whose wedding is next year. I wonder if she is interested looking at Garter Sets at Classy Bride. They have all bridal garters available for your bridal garters needs. Their wedding garters come in bridal white, ivory, something blue, and even black satin. Made of the finest fabrics such as silk, satin, lace, and chiffon and embellished with Swarovski crystals or plain. I would highly refer her to this website and see if she can complete her bridal accessory so soon.

Halloween Outdoor Decoration

Our Halloween decorations are up since last week. I know, you might think it’s too early for it. But, I did it while I still have the motivation to put them up. The fact is, we are the first one to display Halloween decors on our street, hehe.

This is my first time to decorate for Halloween because I waited for last year’s clearance sale for the decors. I am not willing to spend so much money on things that are not very important but last year after Halloween, I was able to avail Walmart’s clearance sale so here they are now!

It looks creepy in our front door, creepy enough to scare my two girls. When they act silly, I will just tease them Mr. Skull hanging by the front door, that way they obey and listen to me. Not so nice mommy me, I know!

 photo RIP_zpsb6e3e9b0.jpg

 photo halloween_zpsc61e0822.jpg


New Yellow Gold and Red Orange Roses

Here are four pots of yellow gold and red orange cut roses we bought at Lowe’s last weekend. I want to add more roses in my front yard flowerbeds, colors of roses that aren’t there yet. I chose to buy hybrid tea cut roses instead of knockout roses because they are cheaper, $8.98 a pot is a deal plus I had a $10 off $50 purchase store coupon. I love big fragrant roses.

I told my husband that I want to plant some more flowers out there and he said that I already got a lot. Well, if you love flowers just like me, you just can’t get enough of them. Each year I want to add a couple more in order for our yard to look beautiful. Anyway, I am so ready to work in our flower garden and move these roses in my beds. If only the summer heat vanish, I would definitely start working out there but no… summer heat still lingers and it’s gonna take a week or two before it completely cools down.

 photo roses_zpsc011ec64.jpg

Air Conditioning Service in Morrisville

We will never know when our ancient A/C unit is going to stop working, just hope it won’t stop when in the midst of summer night. If that is the case and you are in the North Carolina area, call Comfort Services Heating and Cooling, Morrisville air conditioning. The business is open 7 days a week, with no extra charge for evening or weekend service. Their staff receives rigorous training, and each employee is focused on providing you with HVAC service that’s dependable, quick and courteous. So call them whenever you need anything pertaining to A/C works.

Black Beauty Eggplant

It is my first time this year I planted eggplant. I have always wanted to have that long and skinny Chinese eggplant but I couldn’t seem to find seeds anywhere else. Black beauty eggplant, however, is available almost all stores but the thing is, I don’t like this eggplant much because it is watery when cooked.

I bought 2 seedlings of black beauty eggplant last Spring and so far I got three produce out in the garden waiting to be harvested when the time is right. You see photographed below it looks heavy and dangling from the branch and it looks to me that it is ready to fall off anytime soon.

Eggplants can be cooked in different ways but there is only one way I can cook this one without drying too much its water, cutting it in round pieces and fry it, season with a pinch of salt and black ground pepper.

 photo talong_zps475d89e2.jpg