IKEA’S Unique Lighting Fixtures

When we speak of IKEA, I know what runs through your mind. Beautiful and unique home furnishings, right? The name of the store brings excitement to me once it is spoken in our household. As I said, IKEA is famous for its beautiful and unique displays for the home.

You could truly make my day if you offer to bring me to this store. I will not hesitate to say yes right away for I know I am gonna love it there, plenty of stuff to look at and most of all, their prices are reasonable plus the quality is superior.

I have seen tons of beautiful lighting fixtures when we were there a month ago but there are a few that truly amazed me at that time. Pictures shown below. I thought they were unique and so wanting to have any of them in our home once we finish improving our house.

 photo ikea_zps3fbc2a06.jpg

With all the beautiful things we saw at IKEA, my husband brought one home that captivated his attention, I did not even notice that at the store. It is one rare design of lighting too, very light made of metal and Japanese paper dangling from a flexible pole. It gives beauty to our dark living room every night, shall I say.

 photo paperlight_zps27f6b2eb.jpg


Natural Color Wood Veneer Sheets

If you are looking forward to remodeling your kitchen cabinets or refacing them, you might want to shop around for products and prices first before settling down to a company that does your kitchen. If the main problem why you are changing the looks of your kitchen is because it is dark and old fashioned cabinets, you might also want to look at natural color wood veneer sheets in order to cure the problem a little bit then do some painting on the wall with light color. Anyway, we are in a modern world where everything is laid on the internet. Plenty of remodeling ideas on youtube or on Google for free.

Animal Print Ornaments at 50% Off

I believe I have all the ornaments I want which will be good for the coming years to come so needless to buy for more. This year I did not spend much on ornaments except a few of gold, black and white animal print ornaments I have seen in Walmart when I shopped there right after Christmas. They are too pretty to ignore so I bought a few for 75 cents each. Not too bad, yeah?

These can be useful next Christmas, will just incorporate different color of ornaments to make the tree beautiful and attractive to look at. I was really hoping to buy for series lights but for some reason, all their shelves have cleared out even if I went there before mid day. I thought, where have all the series lights gone?

Anyway, I am happy with what I bought. Thankful at the same time that they don’t have anything left what I really wanted to keep me spending more money on Christmas stuff. Unlike last Christmas, I spent a little over $200 for just ornaments alone. Luckily the husband did not complain about that.

 photo animalprintornaments_zpsd4ffee21.jpg

Cloud Formation This Morning

Finally I got something to post before this year ends. I know it has been a long time since my last posting on this blog. If only I had some motivation to say something here but no, blogging world is dormant.

Anyway, I captured this cloud formation half an hour ago. I thought it was beautiful and weird at the same time. You would think just by looking at the shots that the wind is blowing them all in that same direction but I tell you, the world is calm and peaceful. No wind at all. Not even a single movement of the leaves that indicates there’s a wind, nada!

Also the sun is up shining so brightly but don’t be fooled of what you see unless you go out there and feel the temperature. Yes, it’s officially winter but here in Texas, you can hardly tell that. Current temp is only 37 F.

 photo cloudmuzy_zpsbfeea813.jpg

Wedding Dance Lessons

It is our dream to be wed to the person we love. As much as possible, as long as we have a budget for it, we try to make it beautiful and a memorable one. For me, as a conservative woman, I only get married once and better make a memory of it which happened ten years ago. Back then, we had money dance but that wasn’t really something we practiced or neither was there a dance show. Had I known that we could take wedding dance lessons? But anyway, ten years have passed and we are still happily married and that is all that matters to me. My wedding was beautiful, shall I say!

Black Friday Sale at Goodwill

So you think only popular retailers will have their Black Friday sales? I didn’t know that thrift stores like Goodwill also participates that event. I didn’t know that until I subscribed to their newsletter, it was in my email they sent me that I knew they were having a BF sale today. So, there I went and the girls this morning. When we arrived at past ten, their parking lot was half full.

Practical shoppers chose to shop at GW instead of burning money at the mall or electronic stores. They were also having 50% off entire store, I didn’t buy much there today, I got out from the store and paid with just under $8. One of the few items that I think is a really a steal is this 4-piece set Christmas theme place mats. I really wanted to buy this kind of place mats to add life to our dining table, I’ve seen a few at other thrift store but they were old and faded, this set is like new and unique. Instead of the common poinsettia theme, these are ornaments or balls that I really like.

I am happy of my find today, for just $1.49 minus 50% off, that’s just awesome!

 photo placemat_zps49572c28.jpg

Last Harvest of Peppers from the Garden

These are the last harvest before our first froze I had from our garden for this year. I got quite a lot of these peppers in our fridge for winter. Thank God for organic gardening, we get to enjoy this harvest for much longer. Save us money too.

Along with it, I also harvested my lemon grass and put them in the freezer. I think I have enough supply of lemongrass until the next gardening season.

I feel bad for my 4 squashes for they were left out to freeze and couldn’t do anything to save them. The squash is the the last and only vegetable that kept making produce until the last day of heat and now they got bad due to winter-like temperatures we have. I didn’t want to harvest them too for they are are too young to cut off from the stem, I doubt if they taste good when cooked so I just left them to go bad. photo peppers_zps8ec73479.jpg

Christmas Tree and Decors 2014

Pardon me for it’s not Thanksgiving yet but our tree is already up. It’s up a week before one of America’s biggest Holiday. My girls and I had worked on putting up our two Christmas trees for 3 hours last weekend. Not only that, I also managed to put up some decors for our table doing the DIY and green and red colors table cloth.

My husband helped me putting up the three big wreaths by our outside windows and gate. We still have four lights need to be put up but they can wait until the weather warms up a little bit to work outside. I wanted to have some series lights but I just have to wait until Christmas is over and avail the 50% off discounts most stores offer after the occasion. Hopefully I can buy them this year so we will be sparkling next Christmas.

 photo decorcollage_zps60a2d126.jpg

The Industry Secrets to Keeping your Blinds Clean

Having window blinds and shutters installed in the house is a creative way to add style to the home. It’s also an excellent way to increase the value of a property and keep utility bills low.

The right set of powered blinds is a brilliant way to keep UV rays out of the house, for instance, as well as being a marvelous way to keep privacy in the home.

There are thousands of shutters and blinds to choose from, and custom, bespoke designs can enhance a home extensively. Bu it’s essential to keep blinds as clean as possible and maintain them to keep them in pristine condition.

There are a number of ways to keep window blinds tidy, clean, and beautiful including:

Keeping doors closed when necessary

People that have blinds and shutters in the kitchen often keep their back doors open to access the garden. However they leave them open most of the day at times. The same can be said for windows staying open when not in use.

It’s worth keeping doors and windows close to blinds closed when they’re not being used to stop dust particles, dirt, small pieces of debris and more drifting toward and sticking to blinds and shutters.

Keep dusting them

If people want their blinds to stay as clean as possible then it’s wise to brush over each slat with a dry cloth regularly to keep them clear of dust and dirt.

Depending on the materials used then cleaning tools should also be used – polish, for instance, on wooden shutters. Also, to reduce the build-up of dirt and dust, close the blinds and pull them up when they aren’t being used.

Choose materials carefully

As above the type of material people choose to have for their window blinds and shutters will have an impact on how often they have to be cleaned.

Some materials attract dust more regularly than others, for instance, while materials such as metallic shutters may have to be polished less frequently than others when it comes to keeping them clean.

Invest in conservatory cleaning

Blinds and shutters in the conservatory are a wonderful way to keep the home private and add style to one of the finest rooms in the house. But as conservatories are typically large, it can be tough keeping so many blinds clean on a regular basis.

Conservatory cleaning from Thomas Sanderson will keep blinds and shutters as clean as possible, as well as keeping them maintained for the future benefit of the house.

Thomas Sanderson is a UK-based company with factories all over Britain, dedicated to providing people with the most stunning and creative shutters and window blinds around. Thomas Sanderson is also able to provide conservatory cleaning.

With more than 150,000 customers catered for to improve their homes with exceptional blinds and shutters Thomas Sanderson has more than 20 years’ experience and a network of over 300 craftsmen and 160 designers to help people choose the blinds and shutters for them.

Pink, Red/Orange and Blue Autumn Lipstick Sage in Fall

It’s the time of the year again when my flower gardens look beautiful and attractive. Thanks to my blooming pink, red/orange Autumn lipstick and blue sage for they give my garden some colorful life. Although there’s my yellow gold lantana and roses but they are not having as many flowers like the former flowers.

Truly it gives me joy seeing colors in my front yard, not to mention these flowers are looking healthy and could continue to bloom maybe until the first frost. I could also see some bulbs are growing, I thought it was weird, they were planted and meant to grow in Spring but there they are now, sprouting.

So what do you think of my flowers? Aren’t they pretty? Not forgetting, they are perennials, meaning they come back year after year and give me that joy and happiness every time they are these big and colorful!

 photo sage_zpsd0dcf410.jpg