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Vegetable Drip Hose Watering System

Right after we started our vegetable garden last April of this year, my husband installed an automatic drip hose watering system to save time and ensure the plants are watered thoroughly. He just came up with this idea after a few years of gardening and not thinking how time consuming it is to stand out there for 30 minutes just to water the garden under a hot temperature.

This drip hose system is a success. We saved our time and energy, we have had really good harvests and truly keep our plants alive. It is so convenient that he installed another one in the front of the house for our crape myrtle trees. Hopefully, it will work just like the one in our backyard.

My husband have done such a great job with the garden much more to say, he installed the watering system all by himself! Kudos to him. All he did was, buy the kit at home depot, read the instructions, carefully. meticulously put the entire thing together before setting up the timer to make sure everything works fine and voila!

With this kind of irrigation system in our garden, we don’t worry anymore whether the plants get the right amount of water that they need in order to survive the searing heat of summer.

 photo drip_zpsca9fedc2.jpg

Outdoor Cushions

I love to be outside when the weather is beautiful or when it is not too hot. I love gardening and tending my veggie and flower gardens. For me, being outside is refreshing and it makes me feel alive. It would be nice if I can just be in the back porch when I am done gardening and watch my girls play while sitting comfortably on a cushioned chair, feet up and sipping my cool beverage. We do have outdoor furniture but the chair don’t have outdoor cushions. Although they are not hard on the bottom, it would be nice to sit on a soft and nice cushion for a long time.

Vegetables Oh So Fresh!

First photo below is my little harvest yesterday, they are Asian spinach, a few okras, lemongrass leaves and bell peppers. I have had little Asian spinach harvests from the past but didn’t take a picture of them. I am glad I decided to have this kind of vegetable this year for it can be cooked anything you like. It tastes good, smells good and most of all very healthy. On weekends, I harvest some so my husband can eat fresh spinach from our garden, I make him and the kids egg and spinach omelette.

You can use spinach for mung bean soup, native vegetable stew, fish soup, stir-fry with pork or chicken meat.

The second photo below is a cut yellow squash. This was the last harvest I had, there were three with almost 20 pounds each, so imagine how much squash I’ve had this year. The whole big squash though was given to a friend for help because I honestly can’t eat it all.

I have all vegetables or ingredients for native vegetable stew or what we call “utan bisaya” and I am blessed to have them readily available whenever I feel like eating utan. They are right there, in our backyard hehe. Utan bisaya is something to die for, I wouldn’t mind eating it often, not only it is delicious but also very beneficial to my and kids’ health.

 photo harbis_zpsa071d119.jpg
 photo kalbasa_zpsd9d0968a.jpg

Little Farmer with Her Little Carrots Harvest

Harvested last July 18 are a few carrots, modeled by no other than my Little Princess M. These were small and not too tall either but I tell you, they smelled sooo good and very crunchy. Carrots is one of the healthy plants I have in my garden. Not a single flaw in them, just so perfect. Well, except maybe the size aren’t the same as seen or sold at the grocery stores.

There are still a few of them left in the garden and I honestly don’t know when to harvest them. I keep peeking in them though. The last time I saw most of the ones left are still pretty tiny and need a lot of number of days to grow!

 photo carrots_zps5f9abf16.jpg

Yellow Squash Weighs Almost 17 Pounds

I decided to harvest one of the first squashes I have in the garden to make native vegetable soup (utan bisaya). It is so big that it puts it weighs so much on the metal trellis out there. Imagine for just one squash weighing a whooping almost 17 pounds and there are three of them trying to hang on to the branch and on to the trellis?

I can’t believe how big and heavy they can grow, when I picked it this afternoon, I was like carrying a really heavy rock, only smoother, haha. Anyway, I am now enjoying my first harvest of my squash, it is made into soup along with other vegetables like long yard or string beans, okra and Asian spinach.

I am eating green and healthy because of my garden. It saves my dinner tonight and I like it. Native vegetable soup, nothing can beat that. It is the kind of food I grew up eating because we were poor and still are. I couldn’t cook even half of the squash because my pot was about to be full, but anyway, some of it have been put in the freezer and are safe for winter supply. I still have a big half of it intact/uncut left. I may have to eat my veggie soup faster so I can cook the rest of it before it gets rotten.

I plan of making some “ginataa’ng kalabasa” or squash with coconut milk maybe next week.

 photo squash_zps5d064e8f.jpg

Anything Cable

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First Bell Pepper Harvest and Growing Squash

We started our garden last April 10, a month after that we harvested some of what we planted out there. From then on, we are enjoying the fresh produce everyday even if they are only small harvests.

This morning, I went out there and thought my bell peppers were ready so I picked them. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction seeing these very pretty and green bell peppers that turn out to be successful. Just look at them in the first photo below, they are just so green and healthy. I expect to harvest more in the next couple of days as there are some new growing peppers, others just started flowering.

Second photo is of my squash. I call it, “hanging squash”. I must admit, growing squash is a bit of a mess since we don’t let them crawl/grow on the ground. We choose to put a trellis on three barrels just so they could grow above my other plants. The reason is that, my husband religiously mows his backyard to maintain the grass around the garden and we couldn’t just let the squash laying on the ground.

Anyway, I can only hope that once the squash go big won’t fall off its stem, you know it will get heavy as it grows and I am afraid that’s gonna happen. I see two growing so far…

 photo pepper_zps597098d1.jpg

 photo squash_zpscb844245.jpg

It Would be Nice…

…. if one or both of our children will learn how to play one or two musican instruments. I will be very proud of them if that’s the case. For now, all they have are piano toys, harmonica and flute. It won’t be too bad when we will finally be able to buy them an analog synth to play with. I am hopeful they will turn their interest into music as a hobby. I believe, music is something that can be learned, you don’t need to naturally born having it.

Veggies in our Garden that We are Enjoying

This is what I like about gardening, we get to enjoy fresh harvest of vegetables everyday. The fact that they are free of pesticides makes them so healthy to eat and worry-free. Photos below are just a few we have been eating well except for the water spinach, first on the left, first column. I bought a bundle of it at the Asian market and planted the stalks but I know, not long from now I will be eating this healthy green leafy vegetable. We reap what we sow , indeed and yes, it is delish!

Second photo is my string beans or long yard beans, I harvested bountiful of it already and they are still producing. Third photo is a carrot, I have tried two, they are still babies so I just wait for a couple more days. Fourth is the beautiful green bell pepper, they should be ready next week. Fifth, alugbati as we call it, also a  spinach family which has been growing so fast lately. Tomorrow I am going to harvest a lot of it and make my family a delicious spinach omelette for breakfast.

Few of my friends are asking me for some seeds. Now I have to dry a lot of each variety in order to fulfill their wishes. I don’t mind sending them some though, they are my friends and when they have something good, it is rest assured that they will send me some too.

 photo garden_zpsab3e1686.jpg