Mellow Yellow Monday: Monkey Staring Back At Me


This is the newest flower in my hanging pots. There were many colors of Pansy flowers at Walmart but I chose to buy yellow because it is very attractive to my eyes. What I love most about this flower is that, it is the only flower I have seen that has like a “monkey face” in the middle. Looking at these pictures right now is like there is also a monkey staring back at me! Can you see it?

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6 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday: Monkey Staring Back At Me

  1. Pretty pansies :grin: Never thought that they have a monkey side on them :mrgreen:

    Dropping here for MYM. Thanks for the comment you left in my blog! :)

  2. Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I love panies, too, because they are so “easy” to tend to.
    They do have cute faces, don’t they.

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