Keep Your House And Dog Happy With Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

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Keep Your House And Dog Happy With Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Have you ever regretted living in your dream huge house with a great yard when you must clean up after your child’s muddy foot prints spoiling your pristine white floors that you spent hours moping afterward? Or when on a rainy day, your dog is accidentally let out and a little dance in the mud results in you giving a bath to the whole house including the dog? These days might be fondly thought of because of the fun they represented, but the amount of time you spent slaving over the floors and dirty pathways is boundless. Moreover, if they are not cleaned immediately, they can dry up and get hard, which will then be impossible to remove. So, is there an option where you can maintain your house in its pristine condition along with a wonderful yard?

Have a clean and healthy yard forever

Pet friendly artificial grass has a lot of advantages over the natural grass. It can be developed in shady places where natural grass cannot as it needs sunshine. In addition, it can also be installed in uneven altitude places, and congested areas. Pet friendly artificial grass remains fresh and green forever. So, you don’t have to invest your time, money and resources on developing and maintaining your lawn for years to keep it in perfect shape. Your water consumption will decrease drastically. And the best part? You don’t need to hire a teenager to cut it daily.

The installation

  1. Step 1: You need to prepare the area where you want to install the pet friendly artificial grass. You need to remove the weeds with a weed killer by using Round-Up. Give time for it to do its job and let it work for two weeks. All the vegetation will be decomposed and removed within this time and will enable you to lay the new yard.
  2. Step 2: Removal of top level soil is vital. For making the new base, remove the top four inches. A rototiller will help you dig the previous ground up and remove the top soil. The removal of the dead vegetation and soil will help you make a clean ground which will make the installation easier.
  3. Step 3: Good soil will be hydrophilic and is the natural source to underground water. But, pet friendly artificial grass is water resistant and the need of a drainage system is mandatory. Otherwise, during rain or water flood or a simple sprinkler system usage, all the water will be retained on the surface of the grass with no where to return to or sink into. This is one of the causes of water contamination via flies and fleas and jaundice. The stagnant water can be home to a lot of pathogen causing diseases. Therefore, a drainage system is very important. Before installation, first plan the drainage or create a well-draining soil base.
  4. Step 4: create a border. The border helps the pet friendly artificial grass retain its shape and prevents separation or breakage and locomotion towards the roadside. A plastic bender board is generally used and is the most effective option. If you want a permanent solution that will remain constant for a lot of years, a concrete layer as a border is best suited. If the border is on a higher level than grass, it again causes water retainment.
  5. Step 5: A geotextile barrier helps the prevention of weeds going through your artificial grass. Now add the base and grade it. This helps in smoothening the surface out. Then add gravel or sand and use a compactor.
  6. Step 6: the pet friendly artificial grass is more likely to be delivered in a roller shape. So, unroll it and let it dry to return it to its actual shape to suit your yard.
  7. Step 7: Use a carpet stretcher or a carpet kicker to get rid of the expansion due to heat, wrinkles and it turns the direction of grass into a multitude of directions which makes it look more natural. Get adhesive products and stick them together.

After you finished installing the pet friendly artificial grass, leave it to dry for a few days. It is then all ready to be trampled upon.

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